Sealed Bid Auction Commercial Parcel Minden, Nevada, Douglas County

  • 1752 US Hwy 395 N., Minden, NV, , 89423
  • Tue, Mar 31, 2020
  • 5:00 PM
  • Live only

Description :



Great highway frontage parcel and investment opportunity at 1752 US HWY 395 N. Minden, NV 89423.

This .58 acre commercially zoned parcel sits within an established shopping center, adjacent to Starbucks, Dairy Queen, Ironwood Village Cinema, Big 5 Sporting Goods and more. This parcel is also located across the Hwy from the new Minden Gateway Center in a highly sought after Northern Nevada area. Utilities are on or near parcel. Parcel has been rough graded and also includes some asphalt parking spaces. 

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More information on Carson Valley Nevada can be found at: 

Your next journey is closer than you think. Just 45 minutes south of Reno and only 12 miles east of South Lake Tahoe, Carson Valley offers an abundance of authentic adventure. Youll find us nestled near the Eastern Sierr Nevada Mountains and Douglas County, Nevada. Come to know that place where adventures appear fresh daily, where real characters introduce you to wild horses, trails, glider rides, and the perfect bar stool for recounting your legendary day. Easy to find and hard to forget!

Just south of Carson City and a short drive from Lake Tahoe lies scenic Carson Valley, a quiet agricultural area that has seen considerable growth, but remains a friendly ranching community. Travelers looking for a place to get away while still staying within minutes of world-class skiing and boarding, hiking, biking, rafting, horseback riding, water sports, wildlife watching and fishing will fall in love with the area. Its an enchanting mix of natural beauty, historic sightseeing, amazing outdoor recreation and old-fashioned hospitality.

Carson Valley was named after 19th-century trailblazer Kit Carson. The Carson River, also named in honor the famed scout, flows through the center of the valley, providing a lush habitat for nearby birds and fish. To the west stand the Sierra Nevada, where outdoor recreation abounds no matter what time of year. In Genoa, which claims the title of the states first permanent settlement, visitors can tour the replica Mormon Station, originally built in 1851, and the 1860s-era Courthouse Museum. The town centers of Minden and Gardnerville have been rejuvenated to showcase their late 19th- and early 20th-century architecture. It is here that visitors can peruse charming shops, dine in diverse restaurants and stay in one of the many welcoming hotels and motels. Boating, fishing and lodging are found at Topaz Lake, 21 miles to the south.

Carson Valley is known for its many events, which range from car shows and parades to Oktoberfest and Harvest Festival. There are motocross races, bike rides, fun runs, historical reenactments, golf tournaments and much more. Among the multitude of events, a particularly notable event, Eagles and Agriculture, an annual January event that is a fantastic opportunity see and photograph bald eagles. Ornithological experts, transportation, expert assistance and access to private ranches round out the event. Another favorite in the area is Carson Valley Days, celebrating the birthday of the Valley with a four-day carnival with no end of food and fun, not to mention a concert series, parade, art show and more.



Terms/Conditions :

Auction Terms:

All bidders and participants of this sale agree they have read and fully understand the following terms and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein.



SEALED BID SUBMISSION FORM:  Sealed bids MUST be properly completed and submitted on the required “Sealed Bid Submission Form” which is attached. By submitting a bid, each bidder is agreeing to all Terms and Conditions of the sale. Bids not submitted on a properly and fully completed (and signed) Sealed Bid Submission Form may be rejected by Seller at its sole discretion. Seller reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids.


ACCEPTANCE OF WINNING BID PRICE:  The successful bidder(s) will be required to enter into a Real Estate Auction Purchase Agreement (“Purchase and Sale Agreement”) after acceptance of a bid/offer.  The successful bidder shall have two (2) business days after notification of their accepted bid/offer to execute and return the Real Estate Auction Purchase Agreement with the Non-Refundable (5%) Escrow Deposit of the Total Contract Price (Bid Amount + 5% Buyer’s Premium = Total Contract Price) to the Auctioneer: United Country – Capstone Realty, Attention John Parsons, 2648 Clapham Ln. Minden, NV 89423 or by Email to

ESCROW DEPOSIT: A Non-Refundable deposit of Five Percent (5%) of the Total Contract Price will be required to be sent in with the executed Real Estate Auction Purchase Agreement. The deposit check should be made payable to (Signature Title Company) and may be a certified check or wire transfer.

BUYER’S PREMIUM: A Five Percent (5%) “Buyer’s Premium” shall be included with the High Bid to determine the TOTAL CONTRACT PRICE (High Bid + Buyer’s Premium = Total Contract Price)                           (Ex. Bid=$100,000 + BP=$5,000 = TCP=$105,000).

FINANCING & LOCAL APPROVALS:  The auction sale is NOT CONTINGENT on the buyer(s) ability to obtain financing, local approvals, inspections or anything else. Buyers can definitely utilize financing, but buyers need to be Pre-approved before bidding.

INSPECTION OF PROPERTY:  Anyone interested in the subject property is invited and encouraged to thoroughly inspect the property prior to submitting a sealed bid offer. The property is being sold on an “AS IS, WHERE IS” basis. No warranties or representations either expressed or implied, concerning the property is made by the Seller or the Real Estate/Auction Company. Interested purchasers are strongly encouraged to perform their due diligence prior to submitting a bid for the property.

INSPECTION PERIODS: Please call John Parsons @ 775-773-8725 to schedule an Appointment to view the property. No showings on Sundays.

POSSESSION:  Possession of the property will be transferred at closing by Warranty Deed.

TITLE INSURANCE, FEES & CLOSING:  Seller shall provide the Buyer with a commitment for Title insurance showing merchantable title in the Seller.  Buyer shall be solely responsible for the payment of all premiums and fees associated with Lender’s/Buyer’s title insurance, including one-half (1/2) of all closing fees and recording charges.  Closing shall take place on or before Thirty (30) days or April 30, 2020 following acceptance of the offer(s), subject to closing terms as set forth in the purchase sale agreement.

BROKER PARTICIPATION:  A Buyer’s Broker Commission of Ten Percent (10%) of the Total Commission the Auctioneer receives based on the High Bid will be paid to any properly licensed real estate broker whose Bidder successfully purchases, closes and pays the Total Contract Sales Price for the subject Property.  The Buyer’s Broker must complete the Buyers Broker Registration Form and return it to Auctioneer no later than 24 hours after the bidder has submitted their Sealed Bid Form.  A copy of the Buyer’s Broker Registration Form is available by contacting the Auctioneer, John Parsons @ or 775-773-8725.

ALTERATIONS AND MODIFICATIONS:  The Terms and Conditions contained herein are subject to change without notice.


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Commercial Lot/Development Opportunity For Sale Minden, NV

  Great highway frontage parcel and investment opportunity at 1752 US HWY 395 N. Minden, NV 89423. This .58 acre comme...

0.58 Acres - Sq-ft
1752 N US HWY 395, Minden, NV

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